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Welcome to the MineSkill server shop. Browse and find the packages that are right for you. Each package grants you with in-game bonuses. Use the navigation bar above to start browsing. Thank you for your purchase and for your continuous support, we would not be able to maintain the server without you!

Payments being bought for another individual, other than yourself, requires explicit permission of the other party! Be sure that the other person understands the terms. If you received an item that you didn't pay for and didn't give permission to buy it for you, then seek staff help immediately; if a chargeback is made, you will be banned under any circumstance.

If you require any assistance with your purchase be sure to contact us!



Where does the money go to?
We use your money to fund the server costs of our game server, web server, donation store, and to do giveaways and pay developers for custom plugins. 

Questions regarding donating
If you have any questions about donating please contact a staff member ingame or send a message to us via

GBP isn't my currency, what's the price in my currency?

In the top right of your browser whilst looking at this page you'll see 3 letters next to the cart icon. This is a drop down menu and includes all available currencies. Right click the drop down arrow to show a list of currencies and select yours. Pricing will be automatically converted for you.


Accepted Payment Methods:

For card based transactions, refer to:


Note: All the prices in the shop are in Great British Pounds BUT if you are from another country such as the United States, then the PayPal will automatically convert the price into your local currency when you go to pay. 



  •  All payments and packages are processed automatically by BuyCraft.
  •  The account holder must be over the age of 18.
  •  Donator Staff must follow the staff guidelines listed here, otherwise the staff rank may be taken away aswell as all donator perks.
  •  It is important that you enter your Minecraft username EXACTLY, including correct capitalization.
  •  PayPal is currently the only payment option.
  •  You cannot purchase the same rank, more than once.
  •  All players, including donators, must still follow the server rules, if a donator breaks a rule they will be punished like a normal player.
  •  We do not offer refunds.
  •  Donator ranks and perks are benefits of your donation, you are not purchasing these perks directly. They are being rewarded to you for your donation. The MineSkill  administration reserves the right to remove your donator benefits at any time, without prior notice. We normally do not do this unless you break our server    rules.
  •  If you experience any issues with your purchase, please do not hesitate to ask an owner of the server


All purchases are final. There are absolutely no refunds. 

Issuing a chargeback or claiming refunds is a violation of our terms of  services and will result in the loss of your rank, and you will be permanantly banned from all MineSkill servers and buycraft - which means you will not be able to purchase from any other server shop again.
Donator powers are a privilege not a right! We track all console commands, logs etc. If we find out that you are abusing your powers or impeding the in-game progress of other users against their will you will lose your advantage with no refunds.

By making a purchase you agree to our refund policy, and our legal terms of service.